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been waiting for so long - completed 
6th-Aug-2011 02:59 am
Title: Been waiting for so long [part iii of iii]
Pairing(s): Yoochun/Junsu; not so ninja!Yunho/Changmin any longer;
Rating: Nc-17; angst, fluff, romance, smut
Summary: .:. The rushing moments, the cries of uncertainties—would the wait after all these times would really be worth it?




Later on that night, Junsu was once again visited by Yoochun, all happy smiles and warm comfortable embrace.

Junsu bowed down, hands joined and poised neatly on his belly. He hadn’t exactly expected to see Yoochun after the banquette, couldn’t even begin to hope once again like he’d done in the past so he waited. Even a simplest gratitude would be well kept and held dear when it comes to Yoochun.

Straightening up right after blowing off the candles, he then comes towards Junsu. Swallowing down, the faint moonlight plays different shades of beauty, enticing him as Junsu dampened his lips.  

“You are carrying our child.” Yoochun calmly stated as he was allowed to at the moment and pulled Junsu further onto the front of his body. “Growing deep inside of you is our combined love that comes in the form of a child, hoping for us to take good care of him when he finally sees the world and take over my crown.”

Putting one palm on Junsu’s torso, the young man tightened his hold on the slender body, smiling into Junsu’s hair when he could feel arms come around his waist as well. “I really can’t wait for his adorable laughter and naughty antics. Could you bear it all and be stronger for us in the many months to come, love?”

Just then Junsu started to tear up again, pressing his face onto Yoochun’s warm chest. He had finally understood the fluctuation of his emotions of the past few days, finally noticing why he would also wanted to be coddled up for no reason whatsoever had he woken up in the middle of the night.

It was common for the carrier to feel so, said the royal physician. In fact, Junsu was told he would experience many different things for the upcoming months, including all different sorts of unbelievable cravings and such so he was told to be prepared had the urge come.

“Of course I would. Our child needs protection from the day she will see the world with her own eyes, and I will protect her with all of my life.” Sniffling, Junsu slowly dropped his arms and brought one hand to his wet cheeks.

Oh why the tears. He really ought to stop crying by now. Royal Court Attendant Shim had told him it wasn’t good for both of his and the child’s health had he done nothing but nursing tears all day long. But he couldn’t help but to weep his hurting emotions, all different kinds flocking at him at one time.

Perhaps Changmin was only being truthful as usual, as he is beginning to feel a building headache wanting to dwell in his head for the rest of the long night ahead of him. 

Junsu stopped thinking when Yoochun looked down at his face, lips stretching out to a thin line of something akin to heartache. He stares up with unblinking eyes when Yoochun’s own were glassy and sad, muted when Yoochun further tightened his arms around him.

“Why is it that I have the heart to hurt you when you have been nothing but wonderful to me?” Stroking along the small of his back, the kind eyes let out a lone tear and Junsu was dumbfounded when Yoochun grasped on the hem of his clothes, pleading for him to answer of his misery musing.

“Why have I put you into a cruel lonely world just because I was selfish to my own feelings? Tell me the truth, have you ever thought of leaving me and hope to be able to find happiness someplace else?”

Should he really?

“I, yes.” Junsu dampened his lips, surprised by his own easiness in answering. “Yes, I have.”

Closing his eyes, Junsu slowly clutched on Yoochun’s sleeve and didn’t intend on letting go even when Yoochun would order him to. “It would be a complete lie if I told you I have never thought of leaving you, you’re Majesty. So yes, I have thought of it but not any longer, nor ever again will I be.”

Yoochun tilted his chin up and they shared soulful looks. Junsu breaks the reverie as his eyes suddenly went droopy, so warm and held comfortable in Yoochun’s arms.

“Tell me,” sighing, Yoochun slowly move them forward to the bed. He knows Junsu needed his rest after a long night.

Even the news itself hadn’t really passed through his mind just yet. First it was the joyful news of Junsu’s startling acceptance of him, and then not even weeks after, it was the fruit of their newfound love. He was too overjoyed, proud to be able to do one right thing for once.

“Tell me why hadn’t you run far away from me?” Swallowing heavily, he maneuvered Junsu to sit beside him, their fingers linked comfortably with one hand slipping with ease around Junsu’s stomach. “What if I only come to you after ten, twenty years? What would you have done then?”

Tugging on Junsu’s fingers, he stared as Junsu shifted down his eyes, his tongue flicking out to moisten his lips, while he look ahead and wait with utmost anxiety.

“I was a romantic fool. I had hoped one day you would glance at my way even if it takes me many years.” Warmth crept up to his neck and Junsu felt Yoochun’s thumb soothing along the inside of his hand.  “I have fallen in love in you by our first meeting and had thought you would be the same but,”

“Only to have me spitting hurting words out before I’d even gotten the chance to really know you.” Cutting through with an angry tone, Yoochun breathe out his regret along and was more than sorry as Junsu fall into a hurting silence.

Nevertheless, Yoochun’s words were the truth. Junsu played around with their fingers and remembered their wedding night like it was only last night.

He felt utmost ashamed right after the cold rejection, crying when he realized he was left all alone in the massive foreign place. The husband he’d expected to be of guidance and to make him truly belong had turned his back on him, choosing to chase after another person instead. He’d hurt and instead had opted to find solace in the tall man assigned to help him around.

“But,” shifting closer, the young Queen of Towani then brought the cool slightly big hand down to his midriff, his lips thinning out to a bashful smile as Yoochun had unconsciously began to rubbed on the still flat stomach. “You’d finally come to your senses hadn’t you? Here we are after all that’d happened and I would like to believe that is all that should matter now.”

Fluttering his eyes close as Yoochun placed two fingers under his chin, he let out a feverish sigh at Yoochun’s hot  gasp breathed down on his velvety pair of lips, silently wondering about of what’d had he ever done to finally be allow to have this kind of happiness. 

Feeling the soft press of the bed on his back, Junsu shifted under Yoochun’s weight and stifled his surprised at the feeling of warm pair of hands wondering about along his thighs. He’d come to gotten used to Yoochun’s affection towards him for the past weeks but to have the young king pampering him with tender kisses and warm sweet touches for no reason is still making his bones shook and losing control of his breaths.

Catching the escaped hot gasps from Junsu’s lips with his own, Yoochun then grasped on the smooth leg before resting on Junsu’s knee, his eyes as soft as his caresses. “Come, I will help you to fall sleep throughout the night.”

Slightly taken aback by the finger parting apart the front of his hanbok, Junsu blinked his eyes in wonder before the soft chuckles of Yoochun made him once again to be completely relaxed and drowsy.

“I know you are having difficulties with your sleep, uncomfortable and aching all over your body.”

Fluttering his fingers down the ridges of his ribcage, gliding along until they reach to his stomach, Yoochun kissed his hipbone and pressed the words onto the slight fold of his thigh, inhaling deep of Junsu’s private scent. “Thus let me try to lull you by tiring you out, beloved Queen of mine.” 




Soft padded footsteps approached from his side and to scared and unknowing eyes, they would see of his proud back and stoic stance as if uncaring of the on-going commotion.

Fools they are because somehow he was sure General Jaejoong or any of his loyal men would know it was only a fake act to mask the storm raging up deep inside of him.

It’d been too long, he realized and gazed up to the dear heavens above. Would it really be this long or is the gods testing of his endurance and the strength of his heart?

Fear crept all over him, the loud startling shouts of pain coming out from Junsu’s lips just as they were about to share affirming kisses rang over and over in his ears no matter what he did to calm himself. But Junsu could not, and would not be allow of leaving him behind.

No he would not dare to do such things as cruelly as leaving him when they’ve only had begun-

“You’re Imperial—”

He turned his head; worried and anxious and everything mixed up all together showing up on his face. Greeting him was head royal guard Jung who’d looked surprised to see the young king’s face had slivers of crystals trailing down on both cheeks, his lips bruised from the deep imprints of his front teeth.

“What is it? Have you come here bearing news regarding of the Queen’s condition? Tell me!” He moved much closer, tugging on the long trains of the gorgeous gold inked hanbok behind him. He was more than ready to head out to another quarter of the palace had he was told to.

The pent up anxiety had long burbled, waiting only for time to spill out. Never before had he felt this way about someone else other than Junsu.

“Has he- did something happen?”

Head royal guard Jung hastily shook his head, one of his arms folded neatly at the front of his body whilst another grasping firmly on the cold sheath of his sword.

“Forgive me, you’re Majesty but I feared there had been nothing new since the last passing hours. Last I heard off from Royal Court Attendant Shim was that the Queen is still in difficulties of laboring.”

Jung bowed his head regretfully, cringing to himself when Yoochun lets out a dark heavy sigh. “I am here for one fact,” he continued after sometime passed, “I have come for you in words of Prince Siwon. His servant has come here stating that Prince Siwon had requested for an audience with you’re Majesty.”

Yoochun frowned before exhaling loudly, thoughts running amok for the unsuspected visit from his late father’s nephew.

Why does his cousin would call for a meeting when he was clearly out of mind as of right now?

Every entitled royals had accepted the words that the young king is deeply concern, bothered by the words of his queen is having difficulties in laboring their first born. Surely the Prince himself would know he is fighting with the tremors threatening to spill out from his body when nothing assuring had come out from the royal physician ever since this afternoon.

Perhaps it would be understandable had he rejected the request then but his cousin had rarely requested to have meeting with him.

“You’re Majesty,” Jung looked up when the silence was unnerving and saw the hesitating looks on King Yoochun’s face. He bowed his head back down, fully knowing Yoochun is not of mind as of right now.

“I understand, I will withhold-”

“No no.” The young King sat back down, all traces of his previous emotions wiped off the instant. Two servants come from each side of him and he refused them, dismissing their aid and readjusted the crown sitting on top of his on his own.

“Please call them in,” he tilted his head up to the most trusted man. “and Head Royal Guard,”

Jung stopped just by the door the instant, his back slightly bumping with the paper thin sliding door. “Yes, you’re Majesty?”

Yoochun tightened his jaw, both hands placed on his thighs clammy and strangely cold. He was sure a flash of something foreign on his face could be caught by Jung’s skillful eyes.

“You are to never stop making sure of the Queen’s safety. And no matter what’d happened, I ask of you to put ahead the Queen’s life above everything.”

The last whispered words made the young warrior snapped his head up, eyes wide and unblinking before giving a curt nod at Yoochun’s solemn face.

“I understand.”

Walking out, the young Head Royal Guard Jung gave a small acknowledge to the nearest line to the throne’s loyal subordinate and stepped back as a beautiful man in breathtaking attire emerged out of the carriage.

“My prince, please come in. The King waits of your presence.”

“Thank you, Head Royal Guard Jung.” Siwon strode past him, his handsome face stoic and fit for the title of the Young Prince Junpyo. Canny and seemingly heartless, he was a far too different of a person to even be associated with the royal families.

Eunhye, his most loyal and the only trusted person to be carrying out all of his desired orders graciously bowed her head down to Yunho before hurrying to ascend the few stairs up to the King’s quarter closely behind her charge.

Jung adverted down his eyes to the ground, never lifting his head up as the two silhouettes were finally engulfed by the main entrance door.

He’d secretly harbored his concern, had never liked the young prince when he’d often caught the Young Royal Prince was obviously eyeing court attendant Shim like he was a piece of treasure waiting to be explored.

But no one, he decided with a balled up fists, no one is to be allowed to make such disturbing stares at the young man other than himself. He’d more than once hinted of his likings to Changmin but the responses given back were often disappointing. Amusing as hell yes, but slightly hurting as well.

Snapping back to his surrounding, Head royal guard Jung Yunho then looked around; reeks of authorities that were confidently bestowed upon him by the King made him the more respective in his men’s eyes. “Men, make sure to guard the King with every ounce of your strength. Never let anyone else in or out before I got back from visiting the Queen’s chamber, you hear me?”

“Yes commander.”

Two neatly lines of men under his command dutifully bowed down their heads, spreading themselves out evenly as another batches of men formed a line to follow him.

“Slightest mistake would cost me your head at the end of my sword. Move out.”



Grave silence accompanied the chilly breeze as Yoochun bored his eyes at the two retreating figures.

The news given to him had very nearly made his knees buckle, uncertain of his own future had he decided to listen to his troubled heart. Closing his eyes, Yoochun clenched his fists before gathering his strength to call out for his loyal subject.

“Yes your Majesty?”  

“Assemble the High Court in complete discretion, tell them we’re in a state of emergency.”




Royal Court Attendant Sungmin bowed his head down, compliant at his superior’s orders. “Have a nice rest then Head Royal Court Attendant Shim.”

Changmin dismissed him off, face hard even when his eyes showed otherwise. He’s still not gotten used to be respected as such, the feeling of unworthy of upholding highest rank of all Court Attendant making him weary with troubling burden. He eyed the closest person he’d considered as his most loyal companion before turning away and headed off to his own chamber.

A year ago a civil war broke out, and the palace was in utmost chaos at the surprising battle declared by Prince Heechul, the King’s distant older cousin. Had Siwon the young Prince of Junpyo hadn’t warned the King off beforehand, the whole court and palace would suffer a greater deal of loss.

So much has changed since then. Too much betrayal, internal conflicts causing uproar amongst the court people themselves. What’s more surprising was the least suspected person turned out to be the spy sent by Prince Heechul. Boa, the former Head Royal Court Attendant had been the one who’d feed information in exchange of her own life had any war should broke out.

Well, no great loss there. Changmin shut off the thoughts of seeing her face whilst she and other few traitors waited for their executions. He was hurt by the beautiful woman’s rage, often misusing her powers and used it to torment him only because he was seemingly the very object of the Head Royal Guard Jung’s attention.

As if that was even true. The man had probably only think of him as an amusement aside from serving his duty as the loyal subordinate of the King. 

Changmin thumped on his tired back, face scrunched up in pain as his spine made worrying cracking sounds. “How would I be able to find someone had I aged before my actual age?” Sighing, he slipped off the dark green hanbok off his arms, enjoying the coolness from the white flimsy undergarment gave to his exhausted body.

Crawling up to his bed, his hands were about to reach for the quilt before his eyes widened at the surprising sight at one corner of his chamber.

“Ahh!” He sat up the instant, mouth agape as he tried to find the rightful words for the scoundrel sneering handsomely at him. “You?”  

Yunho smiled, gracefully tipping his tall black hat before throwing them down. “Why yes, it’s me indeed.” Taking a step closer, his eyes darkened. “Did you expect it to be another person? Preferably the royal ones perhaps?”

Changmin stared on, his eyeballs feeling as if they’ll popped out from his skull as Yunho very casually slipped the shoes off and rolled the thick socks down from his feet.

“Not a chance.” Trotting closer to the bedchamber, Yunho swallowed the one name threatening to spill out from his lips and made the wrong move of twisting his still healing arm, cringing as dull pain throb along to his shoulder. His battle wound was told to be treated with utmost care, his arm after all was very nearly cut off by the enemy’s sword. 

“Hold on there you big brute!” Changmin snapped out, his mind cleared from the fogginess of seeing the one man he’d missed after the past year is almost naked in front of his very eyes. “Who’d ask you to be in here? Are you even of a right mind to be waiting in my room?” 

Yunho looked up, face somber as Changmin continued his rage.

“Get out!”

Throwing the last of his tunic, Yunho decided he’d listened enough and jumped on the bed, grabbing on both of the spluttering Changmin’s shoulders forcefully. Pain be damn. “I made a vow to make you mine at any cost at all if I’d survived the war. I somehow did and now I’m simply fulfilling the deal I made with the heavens.” 

“But I,” Changmin wrestled his arms, trying to move out and ended up being pinned down under Yunho’s hard body. “I don’t-”

“Unless,” loosening his hold, he slowly sat back on his heels, lips thinning out. “You really hated my existence and want nothing whatsoever with me. You should tell the truth and I’ll leave you free to be with your chosen ones.”

Changmin moved up, blinking his eyes in confusion.

Does he really hate Yunho? Years ago he detested seeing Yunho’s scorning face, always poking fun at his discomfort but then on the very night the ambush was made, he was also left with a bruising kiss right before the Head Royal Guard left him behind to be in the war beside the King. Wasn’t the reason he’d always thought of Yunho’s kiss was because he have some kind of feeling towards the handsome man?

The only trouble is, where should he sort out that feeling? He eyed the patient man before looking away, his cheeks hollowed in as he sucked in his lower lip.

There is after all, always a thin line appearing in between love and hate.

Yunho sighed, taking the silence as the one answer he’d long feared of. Changmin does hate him. How pitiful it is to be deeply smitten with someone who couldn’t even bear the littlest of his touch.

Perhaps something happened while he was away? Did Prince Siwon finally make his move on Changmin?

He recalled the horrified look on Changmin’s face as soon as he let that pretty mouth go, could remember the shame in Changmin’s eyes was the one cause way he didn’t say anything afterwards, choosing to run away. And now he was too late. There couldn’t possibly be a way for him to outdo the Prince of Junpyo.


Rounding his eyes, his hand shot up to cupped on his prickly cheek, the same one Changmin’s palm had landed on. He hastily backed away, only to have his ankle caught in time. “Yah!”

“Don’t yah me, Head Royal Guard Jung Yunho. That was for kissing me right in front of all those people.” Changmin pursed his lips up, eyes crinkling both in anger and fondness. “Not to mention right in the middle of attending Queen’s labor. What were you thinking of?”

Pulling on Yunho’s leg, he bent forward and caressed the reddened cheek. Yunho’s eyes were still open wide, flash of disbelief of the sudden proximity of their faces. “This still doesn’t cover of all those mean teasing you pulled on me.”

“It wasn’t in my intention to embarrass you, nor teasing you to no end.” Mumbling, his eyes fell down at the parting lips. “I might get killed and I see it as the last chance I’ll ever get to kiss you.”

“Really now?” Changmin hummed. The heat coming from Yunho’s body seemingly jumped off to travel all over his own.

Yunho nodded and angled his head to the side. This wasn’t the time for him to cower. He hadn’t act to subtly hint at General Jaejoong for several guidance only to back out when the possible time finally comes.

“I would like to incite you some more, flatter you of your beauty but I’ve waited long enough to have myself in your arms. So if you think you won’t object my next actions-”

Changmin greedily swallowed whatever words Yunho wanted to say. The man had said it himself and Changmin had to admit he’d also waited long enough for them to finally come around to this very moment.




The empty space beside him slightly dipped, bouncy shifty movements on the bed making him to slowly come back from slumber land.  

Junsu opened his eyes to see the sweet smile of his young son trying to reach up for his face. Playfully nipping on the small hand, Prince Wonbin shriek out and chose to bury his face onto Junsu’s chest.

Light brown eyes sparkling, the child rested his weight close on Junsu’s stomach, causing the young man to move away before securing him on the spot.

’mmanim.” Tugging on the silky fabric, he latched his wet mouth on the decorative clothes, small fingers touching him everywhere before grasping on so tight.  

“Ah my little adorable devil. What are you doing out here?” It was supposed to be his late afternoon nap, having his morning ones pushed back when the young prince refused to let Changmin go. The young Head Royal Court Attendant had no other choice but to complied, further spoiling the future ruler.

Cooing before tickling under his son’s arms, Junsu stopped moving as his throat once again wanted to act up. Taking few deep breaths, his tired body eventually listened to him, letting him to have a slice of serenity with his much adored toddler.

“My pretty son, come on up here aeghiyah. Popo ommanim*.”     

Round eyes stared back at him, exact replica of his shapely own ones. Junsu frowned when Wonbin’s turned his face to someplace else, fingers bunching up on his midriff. “ ’pajhi*.

Junsu’s eyes lit up, hastily moving to sit properly in the middle of the bed. Yoochun? What is he doing here?

“You’re Majesty?”

Yoochun closed in, his golden hanbok faintly gleams under the sliver sunlight. But even then, Junsu silently decided, their gorgeousness still couldn’t outshine the one wearing them. Face soft, the edge of his eyes creased as soon as Junsu finally gotten over his shock.

Arms open as wide as his happiness, he let out a hearty laughter as Junsu pounced at him, carrying along the gleeful Wonbin in one arm. The endearing teary smile on Junsu’s beautiful face was enough to make him more than delighted with his unplanned decision.

“Why wasn’t I made aware of your return?” Words muffled, Junsu pouted a little at his thumping heartbeats. His chest felt as if he was about to breathe his heart out.  

“I take it as you’d really missed me, beloved.” Yoochun’s tone suggested he was teasing and it made Junsu to mum his lips. Of course he missed Yoochun. What was the man thinking? There he was missing of Yoochun’s presence and the King still dared to tease him around.

Sighing, Yoochun bring his face up at the lack of response. Junsu was still burying his face onto his chest, and as if knowing their eldest son hold still onto them without a single fuss.

His arrival was intended to be a surprise. He was supposed to be back after winter end, but not before making sure the frontier and the borderland were strong enough to withhold any possible enemies attack under his very own close inspections.

The plan however wasn’t execute, choosing to let his first in command man to proceed for him instead. He’d thought he was strong enough to govern his armies and yet he still found the occasional sneaking out to spend the night with Junsu wasn’t enough to satiate his longing to be one with his little family.

Tenderly stroking on Junsu’s back, his lips found the adorable little head wedged in between them and pressed a small kiss on top of Wonbin’s head.

“My return was made far too early because General Jaejoong had mastered the talent in ensuring me.” Yoochun whispered before tracing the words onto the side of Junsu’s face. “He doesn’t say a word but I know he couldn’t bear to see me restless, always sighing at every chance I got.”

Blushing as his body heated up, Junsu merely tightened his hold further forgetting the little resistance limiting their embrace. “I’m glad you’re back for good.”  

Yawning, Wonbin snuggled closer, safely held in both of his parents’ arms. Pressing his cheek on the obvious bump on Junsu’s stomach, he looked up to see his appajhi placing a popo onto his ommanim’s lips.    




appajhi* - might be incorrect but I intended this word in means of addressing appa/father.

ommanim* - again, this word might be incorrect but it was supposed to mean omma/mother.


Meep mmkay now I’m apologizing for the pile of phailure. The plot scattered and then just ran away, completely out of my grasp ;-; 

6th-Aug-2011 03:02 pm (UTC)
the second child??? wooooo~ love it! ahhh. happy ending.
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