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DongBangShinKi mPreg
Been waiting for so long - completed 
6th-Aug-2011 02:38 am
cherry cherry boom boom
Title: been waiting for so long part i of iii
Pairing(s): yoochun/junsu; ninja!yoochun/jaejoong; ninja!yunho/changmin
Rating: nc-17
Summary⇒ would his wait after all these time would be worth it?



he turned to the side, and greeting him was his beautiful loyal subordinate.

general jaejoong bowed down his head and clamped shut his mouth when the king looked much older than he should’ve been; the young sovereign with bags under his eyes and the fine lines surrounding his mouth was dragging down his pleasing appearances.

“your majesty, the long conquest to broaden our nation had been nothing but great success, the northern tribes had pledged their loyalty to you and the trading countries had renewed their agreement. however, why does it seemed like you are troubled over something so grave?”

always the observant, jaejoong is.

slightly nodding, he clutched on a piece of the memory he’d loved to kept throughout his life and sighed. but why then, this ache of losing his love had been replaced by something else?

“general, you are my lifelong friend,”

jaejoong nods, eyes searching for a trace of something else on the king’s face. “indeed i am.”

slowly he brought out the ornament and placed in into jaejoong’s unsuspected hand. “would it be a sin of me wanting to please the heaven by accepting the fate that had been long bestowed upon me?”

he held his breaths before continuing what’d truly troubled him for days as his most trusted man stifled a genuine surprise. “please tell me my king, what is it?”

“the truth is, i have been wondering would it be so wrong of me wanting to move on and perhaps to open up and love the queen?”

taken by surprise, jaejoong blinked few times before straightening up. he had been right all along. the great king of towani; the successor of the late king jongkook, king yoochun was in fact had been debating with his inner gremlin just as he had suspected.

bowing, he gripped on the wonderful ornament that is now nothing but a past memory to both of them and for once carefree smile broke out freely.

“your majesty, your people had long awaited for your safe return and had wanted to gather up a feast for it. but wouldn’t it be more joyous had you delivered them a more joyful news?”

it is the time for them to move on.

yoochun had questioning eyes and he had the nerve to grin a little at his audacity. “permit me to speak to you as your friend; ‘joongie’, my king,”

yoochun’s lips curled up as one of the nicknames he’d given to jaejoong was once again brought up. “please go ahead, tell me,”

jaejoong puts on his shy smile and looked into yoochun’s eyes. “the time have come for you to conceive a successor, your majesty,”



“is it true?”

royal court attendant shim nods again, wide smile on his soft featured face making him more nervous.

“yes your highness, but perhaps it would be best for you to get prepare now. head royal guard jung had confirmed it and it won’t be long for his majesty to visit you.”

had there’d been hidden meaning behind his court attendant‘s words, he however couldn’t detect them. or rather, it had long been ignored by him as his thoughts was now placed by confusing questions.

but why now? why would it happen after all these times?

he wouldn’t want to be a fool; voicing out to question of why the sudden decision when he’d long stop from wanting it to happen, but it was all of a sudden; he was afraid it would be nothing but a cruel dream.

because surprisingly, the thoughts of being visited by the one man he’d long yearn for had caused his stomach to tightened, tingly sensation all over his chest even as he remembers something.

“does the king seemed angered or had he-” he trailed off unsurely, licking his too dry lips. really, what would be the real reason behind all this? could it be—?

shaking his head as he was sure the young queen was out of it, royal court attendant shim then walked to the door. “are you there?”

two young men slowly walks in, each bowing down their head to the king’s better half before turning their attention to their higher ranked assistant. “yes royal court attendant shim?”

he smiled, “i need you to come and help me prepare the queen. we must hurry, perhaps his majesty is already on his way,”

true enough, not even seconds after putting on the silky, china made hanbok on the young man’s body, the king was announced to have arrived outside of the queen’s room by the royal guard jung.

instantly royal court attendant shim gasped, placing a small bottle made of clay on the small table a bit too hastily. soft padded footsteps approached made the few peoples in the room to bowed their head as low as they could before cautiously stepped back and turn to took their leave.

junsu, the queen of towani blinked nervously as yoochun sat down. his heart raced and he could feel his neck warmed just by being this close to his husband. he dipped his head down, “your majesty,”

yoochun smile as his spouse looked down, fingers fidgeting with one hem of his sleeve. junsu’s breaths were shaky, shallow even, making yoochun couldn’t say something even as his mind chided him to.

the air around them would be thicker with tension more had he not open his mouth as of right now so please talk—

“sit down.” it came out as a stern command instead.

yoochun winced as junsu complied and still wouldn’t looked at his face. he shifted around, legs brought around to curled down under him as they sat facing each other. he’d never realized it before but junsu looked lovely and right in his eyes tonight.

perhaps those face would be more gorgeous even with the slightest smile-

instantly he regretted his decision to have uttered his reckless words to the queen not long ago right after they were betrothed by the late king.

but before he was a hot blooded young prince who was had thought he was madly in love with someone else; his companion jaejoong.

and now, he had regard the other as his closest friend only as he realized the deep affection he’d often mistaken to be love was actually more to the brotherly side. the realization that his love for jaejoong wasn’t near as to be call as his true love even, it was more to utmost respect and loyalty only.

he know now that saying their marriage wouldn’t be anything but an arranged marriage; a sole reason to enable him to be the crown prince only and that he would never want to be beside the young queen for the rest of his life was the worst decision he’d ever made.

to make him feel even worse, those harsh words was said to the young man’s face on their first wedding night.

yoochun sighed as junsu just stoically sat there; the lovely smile he’d seen junsu gave him on that night was now probably something he wouldn’t be able to see any longer.

he knows that junsu must’ve felt nothing but resentful at him after that. after all, he did put on the barrier upon himself.

he’d never considered wanting to be in the same room as the queen of towani without thinking about someone else before but alas, here he is, wanting nothing but for junsu to at least offered him a drink on the small table in between them.


junsu finally brought his face up and lightly lock eyes with him. “yes your majesty?”

“my dear queen,”

he took a deep breath, almost biting his tongue at the bitter taste from the next words he’s about to say. “please forgive this greedy fool for hurting you,” he couldn’t feel any worst than now; licking up the spit he’d long left on the ground, a saying fit of his very own action right now.

how could he -after the hurt he saw reflected in junsu’s shocked eyes before taking his leave after saying those ruthless words- had dare to try and make it all right?

“i couldn’t say how remorseful i am for doing so to you, foolish even for not giving you the proper chance to stand beside me.”

looking down, he ached to bring his lax hand up to wipe his face but yoochun was already close to him; offering his own fingers to wipe his wet cheeks. “your majesty—”

soft rustling, and his hands touched with yoochun’s for the very first time.

“forgive me for causing these tears, and the ones i know had always stayed in your heart for the past two years, but please, give me another chance?” whispering, he caught junsu’s trembling fingers and laced them together.

junsu took the chance to look at his husband’s serious face bravely just for anything, any single things that could explain as of why is the young king doing this to him; after he’d long abandoned all hope to have yoochun’s love for him, after silently wishing his life should just end when his own husband hadn’t want him.

why does it have to be that after two painful years of loneliness, yoochun would come here and asked for a second chance when he’d thought it to be a night where he would finally be send out of the palace for good?

and what of the person yoochun had told him that would be forever be engraved in his heart? whatever happened to him? the person that had made his heart ached painfully right from the beginning?

didn’t the reason why he was thrown away to the side by yoochun even before his voice could enter yoochun’s ears was because yoochun claimed he won’t have the chance to win the young king’s heart?

whatever happened to that proclamation?

he looked harder at the young king’s handsome face before his lips quivered when there was none, there was nothing at all that could give away to the same questions he’d been asking himself for all these times.

in fact, there was a genuine smile on his face, his eyes soft and looking back at him tenderly. this is all very confusing to him.

noting how junsu didn’t respond even when he grasped those lovely hands warmly, yoochun bit down his sadness and decided to let go.

what was he thinking anyway? that junsu would be able to forgive him for all he’d done? that he could finally crawl back in the cold empty space he’d known was caused by him in junsu’s heart?

“forgive me, i wasn’t thinking clearly—”

if more than anything was that junsu had suddenly looked sadder by his words, and quickly added, “what i meant was, it was reckless of me thinking that by saying those meaningless words could somehow made you forgive me and would allowed me in once more. such a fool i am,”

junsu shook his head and somehow had the courage to held on to yoochun’s arms.

“indeed it is wrong of you to say so my king,” moving slowly, he put his palm against yoochun’s chest; a place where he knew was a beating heart, “but i know it was more than enough for me. i couldn’t have asked for more,”

reaching up, yoochun gazed in junsu’s teary eyes and a painful clench around his heart made his breath hitched. what is this feeling, so strong and somehow painful as tears swell in junsu’s brown eyes.

he thumbed the skin below his spouse’s eyes before the next saline liquid could fall down and made a vow to not make the beautiful brown orbs to shed any tears any longer as small smile finally tugged on junsu’s face.

“i truly am regretting it my queen,” he mustered up his feelings and cupped the lovely face with his hands. “would you really give me a chance to renew your love for me?”

once junsu shyly nods his head, he attentively led junsu’s face close to his as he allowed his eyes to shut close for a brief moment as their lips collided.

through thick slits, he took in the way junsu’s lashes stood out from shades of pink on downy cheeks and knew he wouldn’t want to miss any more chance to drown himself in junsu’s beauty after this.



waiting on the ground and just outside the room, royal court attendant shim and royal guard jung looked at each other with a controlled expression.

after some time, they could hear soft footsteps moving around, making royal court attendant shim to leaned forward to whispered, “please do not listen on,” and glanced at the paper thin sliding door not far from them.

royal guard jung feign a surprise look on his face as royal court attendant shim was looking at him with a bit too much than stern face. full of distaste perhaps.

“what audacity! it is my duty to ensure that his majesty is a thousand miles far from harm’s way. perhaps you do not get it after all these while but my position says that i simply cannot be more than fifteen steps away from his royal highness.”

hissing, royal guard jung swung his sword from the right and securely placed them to his left hand instead.

both of the man standing behind him gasped in admiration and he had to resist to roll his eyes protestingly when the other man had looked very manly indeed. but surely, there aren’t the need to show off.

the head of the royal court attendant then cleared his throat because it doesn’t matter whether he liked it or not, royal guard jung’s words did make perfect sense.

leading the royal guard; a vast number of men that would willingly sacrifice themselves in order to ensure the safety of the royal families, jung yunho would none the doubt is perhaps the stupidest man (despite the highest position ever given to a commoner after the royal families) had he thought he could leave the king’s sides whenever he wishes to.

not wanting to admit openly however had made the loyal servant to pursed up his lips instead, before tsking as one of his subordinate gasped out loud when the candles in the queen’s room was blown off, stating they should be in total discreet from now on.

shim changmin bit down a blush from creeping up before snarling when both of his lower rank men blushed visibly. “you should keep that thoughts away court attendant lee, and court attendant sung! do not make a big deal out of this,”

jung scoffed at changmin’s controlled hisses and immediately straightened his face when changmin turn his attention back around to him.

eyes twitching, changmin silently huffed out. why this little royal guard jung—!

he made a face as jung, being one of the few men their king had chosen to put in such great confidence was suddenly smiling naughtily at him. tch. such a horrible young man he is.

“why? does it somehow made you uncomfortable in certain parts?” jung then adverted his eyes lower to shim’s crotch and much to his surprise, was making his cheeks hotter than ever. even under layers of thick clothes made him to unconsciously stepped back under a faint shadow.

he’d never once thought this despicable man such as jung yunho would be able to make him this…uncomfortable.

his face must’ve said it all because the next thing he knows was jung’s bow shaped lips was curling up knowingly and the nicely placed eyes were now dark and staring intensely on his face-

an utterly disgusting men who’d self proclaimed to be an excellent poetry reader who have gotten himself a monstrous size for a stupid ego even when that brilliant smile of his is very distracting—

and the gaze had none the doubt had successfully smothered his further blasphemy towards the other man.

right before changmin could hissed out something, a muffled gasps made both of them to jumped up in caution.

jung was about to signal his men for their swords when a hushed comforting words following soon after could be heard.

it’d somehow made royal court attendant shim to hide a smile behind his hand as he noted that even the smuggish royal guard had one colorful blush settling on his cheeks.



“would it be all right with you had i wished for more than this?”

stroking the small back of his spouse, yoochun held his breath and went still as junsu slowly brought his face back up. “are you saying—?”

yoochun cleared his throat and the skin of his neck where junsu had placed on small wet kiss before felt strangely burning. fingers cold, he couldn’t bear the thoughts of having to voiced it out loud and laughed nervously instead, burying his fingers into his front royal gold hanbok.

“i was just saying that since the royal household had waited long enough for me to come around, but of course if you’d-”

junsu swallowed before evening his breaths out. “your majesty, i’d do anything for you.” he then placed yoochun’s hand on top of his and gave out a small assuring smile, waiting for whatever that shall happen next with an open heart.

after all, he have waited long enough for yoochun to embrace him dearly like this, surely a few more moment couldn’t be any more hurting.

the lump in junsu’s throat disappeared the instant yoochun gradually nodded, shifting closer to further ensure the king than this is what he’d truly wanted as well. oh, only the heavens knew how much he’d longed for this to happen.

junsu leaned up, brushing his lips lightly along yoochun’s jaw and sighed as fingers caressed his cheeks. the feelings that grew inside his body; warm but somewhat foreign and indescribable made him to lowered his gaze as the king yoochun slowly wrapped an arm around his waist.

slowly standing up, junsu was momentarily confused as he was steered away from reaching the thick padded floor; supposed to serve as their bed tonight and was more bedazzled as he was brought nearer to the luminous candles instead.

sensing junsu’s confusion, he pointed out the glowing light it’d brought in the room with his lips before glancing to the poor thin barrier separating them from the rest of the royal household. “it is bad enough to have them listen on their king and queen on bed, but to see us as well?”

junsu’s eyes widened as he finally realized they weren’t exactly alone and the serenity surrounding them shouldn’t have fooled him in the first place. of course there would be an audience whenever they go.

he sighed at this thoughts as yoochun leaned down, few wisps from the smoke filling his nostrils before absolute darkness blinded his vision.

yoochun made a soothing touch on his palm when he’d unconsciously gasped out loud. “shh, it is all right, i’m here with you remember?”

nodding to assure himself, he fully relied on yoochun to guide him through and was in shock to know they’d made it to the bed without bumping into the furnishings in his room. and somehow the realization that he’s about to be on bed with the man he’d ever love for the very first time made him lose his footings; gasping as his reckless doings only made both of them to tumble down on the bed.

“your majesty,” he shoot up instantly the moment yoochun gasped; unknowingly had knocked both of his forehead and yoochun’s chin together.

teary eyed, yoochun clamped shut his mouth, knowing the tiniest shriek would have the swarm of his men waiting just outside the room barging in.

“do not worry, it is nothing serious,” he talked through numb jaws as junsu tried to reach out for his face. moving both of them up, he then looked down at junsu with the littlest moonlight that’d managed to crept in and smile.

junsu was simply breathtaking; even with the too wide eyes and his eyebrows quirking up, patch of the skin above them forming reds from their previous collision. his eyes darted down and watched with utter fascination when quick as a blink, junsu’s tongue wetted his lower lip, leaving it to gleam in the silver light.

“are you absolutely sure about this?” perhaps they should get to know more of each other before—

nodding, he squeeze yoochun’s shoulder and placed a small sweet smelling bottle into his husband’s hand, “never had i been this certain before,”



his body burnt; having the vigorous movements of his skin against hot sheet merging with the continue slides of their bodies.

he’d tried to eased his body up but the hard presses of yoochun’s body down on him couldn’t make him do anything else but to slumped further deep and simply curled his toes instead.

junsu had long lost the will to gasp, once in a while only small choked cries could be muffle into his palm. it was hot, painful and filling him to the very core of his essence, and yet he still clutched on for dear life. his right hand tightly grasped on yoochun’s behind, urging him to stay on as long as he could just to savor the moment.

the feeling of yoochun’s nails digging into his waistline instead had told him it would have to end soon and true enough, their lips pressed together once more and the harsh slam of yoochun’s hard hips in between his legs made junsu to part apart his mouth heatedly.

he followed after yoochun, blindly clawing into the warm skin of yoochun’s back as soon as the tremor in yoochun’s body stop. junsu sucked in his stomach as yoochun puts both of his palms there, perhaps intending to calm him before burying his face into junsu’s neck; hot misty breaths tickling his sensitive skin.

if it weren’t for the fact that his limbs felt heavy and his arms were weak, he would most probably be pushing off the ruler of towani as far as he could away from him by now.

tucking junsu warmly against him, yoochun then breathe in labored breaths with all of their skin touching and sighed deeply.

“you’re not hurting anywhere, are you?” he dig his chin into the top of his spouse’s head , relieved when junsu responded with a little shake of his head. “i might’ve been clumsy so forgive me had i did.”

closing his eyes, the comfortable silence was lulling him to bed before yoochun’s next words made his eyes round.

“i cannot wait for you to bear our children,” yoochun laugh lightheartedly and fingered the crimson cheeks as junsu shied away from looking at him. “they would be as beautiful as my queen, perhaps even more.”

“your majesty—” embarrassed, he lightly hit yoochun on the arm only to feel the brush of yoochun’s lips on his cheek. it was soft and full of affection till it made his eyes watered.

could it be, after all the pain he’d put himself through would finally be worth it? would those memoirs of screaming out into the hard pillow would finally disappear?

closing his eyes, he swallowed the last taste of bitter and breathe out a sweet smelling lavender.
5th-Aug-2011 11:59 pm (UTC)
sweet and Yoosu's happy ending :)

not really understands because just read this ^^
6th-Aug-2011 02:24 pm (UTC)
this is sweet!! hahahah. love the homin argument and totally in love with yoosu sweetness!
14th-Aug-2011 03:55 am (UTC)
I love ancient fics and fluffy/smut/mpreg yoosu! Though they weren't fluffy in the beginning 2 years. :x
17th-Feb-2013 03:10 am (UTC)
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